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PROJECT: Independence Starts Here

MURAL LOCATION: Hahnemann University Hospital (Intersection of Broad and Race, Philadelphia, PA
DATE: 2006-08 (in process)
WORKSHOPS:   Selected workshops with teenagers and adults.  
					(click for selected workshop images)

Mural Arts Program Website: Upcomming events and dates
NARRATIVE:  The mural is approximately 12000 square ft. and is seven stories tall in
 height facing south on the Race St. side of Hahnemann University Hospital (75' x 160').
  Within the design people with disabilities stand as monuments symbolizing different
 actors within a diverse and extraordinary community.  These people are all from
 Philadelphia and of different races, genders, and backgrounds.  Each person has a
 disability and is an engaged contributor to the various communities he/she represents.
  There is also a screen or transparent tapestry that is layered over some of the main
 figures within the design.  This screen has images of people with disabilities involved
 in all manner of activities within Philadelphia.  Many are engaged within the creative
 process of making as a metaphor for growth and change.  An additional element to the
 tapestry is the entire ASL alphabet finger spelling with corresponding letters
 underneath.  Students from the Pennsylvania School for the Deaf modeled their hands for
 these painted characters.  The twelve hands in color spell out the word “independence”.
  The images in the screen are a testimony to the direct collaboration between Gensler
 (lead artist) and the community.  Through a series of workshops and discussions, Gensler
 worked to understand some of the common ideologies and experiences within the disability
 community.  This mural becomes a visual record of some of the people and groups within
 the disability community engaged and active in their lives.