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In 1999 Joe Terry (dancer) and Donald Gensler (visual artist) were residents of the Kramer School Artist Cooperative in Little Rock, AR.. Terry and Gensler worked together to create both the dance and the visual pieces of Indigo: A Portrait in Movement.
The large hanging paintings and fabric pieces create a space that the dancer moves throughout, simultaneously becoming part of the image as he passes in front or next to the different panels. The hanging works, as with the process of rehearsal, are created through a collage of mixed media and a layering of ideas. They document the experience of movement, feeling, and persistence which characterizes the attitude of the dancer. All of the hanging panels were created in the same space, the Kramer School Artist Cooperative auditorium. The work reflects both the space and the constant interaction and flow of ideas generated between the two artists.
The performance/installation ran from September 24-27, 1999. The project was sponsored in part by a grant from the Arkansas Arts Council, an agency of the Department of Arkansas Heritage.
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