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Emily, 8' x 30', acrylic mural on non-woven media, Irvine Building, University of Pennsylvania, 2005, (digital design, site pic coming soon)
Hear Our Voices, 4 murals each aprox. 25'x 400', acrylic mural on non-woven media, 2800 Dauphin St., Philadelphia, PA, 2005
Symbols of Change, 35' x 128', acrylic mural on non-woven media, 21st and Market St., Sponsored by the Philadelphia Department of Human Services, 2004. Gensler worked with over 100 truant teenagers throughout Philadelphia to design symbols that represented their lives or where they would like their lives to be. Some of these students participated in roundtable discussions with judges, police, school administrators, social workers and parents to discuss the issue of truancy in their city.
Lifelong Learning, 40' x 60', acrylic mural, 18th and Callowhill, Sponsored by the Fountains at Logan Square East, 2003. The mural shows seniors engaged in learning though out their lives. Many of the models for the mural are residents at the Fountains.
Moving Towards Your Dreams, 30' x 900', acrylic mural, Darien and Pattison St., Sponsored by Eagles Youth Partnership,2003. The project involved 250 children from around Philadelphia who made drawings of their dreams. These drawings became a springboard for my design. Their drawings are juxtaposed with actual kids engaged in doing things they love. A single boy runs through the entire mural eventually leaping off into the clouds and his dreams.
Songs of Hope, 40' x 80', acrylic mural, 34th and Haverford St., Sponsored by AT&T Wireless, 2002. The images came out of discussions and time spent at the church on which the mural stands, Gate to Heaven Ministries. They use song as way to uplift and nurture the spirit within us.
In a Child's World, 30' x 50', acrylic mural, 30th and Reed St., Sponsored by the City of Philadelphia, 2002.