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Project:  Visions of Peace (Project Row Houses)
DATE: 2006

NARRATIVE: Youth do not always perceive violence in a 
negative light; sometimes, violent actions are even 
considered “cool” or “sweet.” 
This tension, between both the positive and negative 
reactions towards violence is visually conceptualized 
in this installation. Along with excerpts of their poetry, 
the beauty and diversity of stenciled faces on the walls 
are the youth and adult participants in the project. The
video wall projection shows a pair of hands accepting 
colored powdered sugar but soon becoming consumed by the
sweet substance. The wall itself is constructed of 
two-thirds sugar and translates visually the topography 
of faces from over one hundred of the project participants. 
Visitors are encouraged to interact with the space by 
touching the sugar located in clear cubes around the 
interior. The smell and sweet taste of sugar fills the 
air and sticks to hands. Participating in a Dewey-like 
system of social pedagogy, all are implicated in the 
making of this artwork and conversation about violence. 
The visual conversation only flourishes as people enter 
and participate, creating the artwork by entering into 
the conversation